Al-Akbar Foundation is honoured to present it's

10 night Muharram majlis for this year

With guest lecturer from Mashhad, (Sayed Hussain Modarresi) and guest eulogy reciter from Karbala, (Haaj Basim Karbalaei).

The majlis will feature role plays between the lecture and eulogies

Location Accomodation

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International Centre for Integration and Cohesion*
HSBC, Sort code:40-46-10 / Account number:51445324
*Our partner charity for this years Muharram majlis

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Follow the 10 days programme live.

Location and Directions

Join us on the 10th of September at 8.15pm in Allianz Park in Hendon.
Address: Greenlands Lanes, Hendon, London NW4 1RL

Brothers & Sisters welcome

Muharram Accomodation

For visitors coming from outside of London for the Muharram majlis, they can book rooms with our partner hotel (2.1 miles from venue) at a very good rate by referencing “Muharram 2018”. Rooms can be booked directly via the phone number or email provided
الأخوة خدام الحسين (ع) الذين سيشرفوننا بحضورهم من خارج لندن لمجلس شهر محرم الحرام، بإمكانكم حجز السكن مع الفندق الشريك معنا (٢.١ ميل عن موقع المجلس) بسعر خاص، بإمكانكم الحصول على هذا العرض عبر الإتصال المباشر أو الإيميل وذكر "محرم ٢٠١٨" عند الحجز. الاسعار تجدونها في الصورة.
Phone: 020 3141 2499

The Stay Club, Colindale

16-18 Charcot Rd, London, NW9 5WU
Prices per night per 1 person, + £3 per extra person per night