Ali Bouhamad | 2017/1439

A collection of eulogies recited in the Arabic language by our Mulla Ali Bouhamad (Kuwait) for the Muharram programme 1439/2017.

Ya Malik ‘Eyni (Owner of my eyes) (ENG SUBS)
Risala Ib Ta’m Al Fraag (Letter of seperation) (ENG SUBS)
Lil Aqmaar (For the Moons) (ENG SUBS)
Lazim Minnak A’tithir (I must apologise) (ENG SUBS)
Nasaro Al Mathloom (Victors of the oppressed) (ENG SUBS)
Dhay Manharak (Your light) (ENG SUBS)
Aakhir Kalaam (Last words) (ENG SUBS)
Najm Al Thuraya (Light of all lights) (ENG SUBS)
Fikree Tihayar (I am confused) (ENG SUBS)
Harmala Shsaweyt Biya (Harmala) (ENG SUBS)
Meshiq Hussaini (Sword dance) (ENG SUBS)