Sayed Abdullah Al-Nakeeb | Muharram 1438/2016

Al-Akbar Foundation’s ten night series majlis with Sayed Abdullah Al-Nakeeb [Sydney, Australia] in remembrance of the martyrdom of the master of martyrs Imam Hussain (as) 2016/1438.

1st Night: Immortality of the sacrifice of Imam Hussein
2nd Night: Analysis of Hijab in different faiths
3rd Night: Repentance: The Door to Allah’s mercy
4th Night: Analysis of the will of Muwaiyah to Yazid
5th Night: Importance of Knowledge and it’s Plagues
6th Night: Brotherhood and its Manifestation
7th Night: A glance into the human soul (Rooh)
8th Night: Importance of Salah from Karbala
9th Night: The Right of the Mother
10th Night: The night of Ashura | Muharram 1437