Sheikh Moustafa Al-Makhzoomi | Muharram 1437/2015

Al-Akbar Foundation’s ten night series majlis with Sheikh Moustafa Al-Makhzoomi [Toronto, Canada] in remembrance of the martyrdom of the master of martyrs Imam Hussain (as) 2015/1437.

1st Night: Intro to the month of
2nd Night: Who is responsible for the death of Hussain
3rd Night: The connection between Prophet &
4th Night: Self discipline and connection with
5th Night: How did Islam elevate the status of Women?
6th Night: The sacred marriage of Ali and Ummul
7th Night: The Holy Quran: A Fountainhead of Knowledge
8th Night: Asking Allah (swt) v.s Predestination
9th Night: When prayers are not answered
10th Night: The night of Ashura | Muharram 1437