Sheikh Usama Al-Attar | Muharram 1439/2017

Al-Akbar Foundation’s ten night series majlis with Sheikh Usama Al-Attar [Edmonton, Canada] in remembrance of the martyrdom of the master of martyrs Imam Hussain (as) 2017/1439.

1st Night: Distinction between truth & falsehood
2nd Night: Theological distinction between truth & falsehood
3rd Night: Evolution: Myth, Reality or both?
4th Night: Is Islam a Civilization in Clash?
5th Night: The Struggle Within the Self
6th Night: Is too much Freedom good or bad? (#1)
7th Night: Is too much Freedom good or bad? (#2) 
8th Night: The ‘SPIRITSS’ Mindfulness Approach to Hapiness
9th Night: When are we going to follow Imam Hussain (as)
10th Night: The night of Ashura | Muharram 1437